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The PEMF Machine That Fits on Your Wrist

The PEMF Machine That Fits on Your Wrist

PEMF Machine

The PEMF Machine That Fits on Your Wrist

Have you heard of a PEMF machine that can improve your overall health?

If you are a doctor or a patient who has gone through bone fracture healing, you may have already heard about PEMF treatment. Although it’s mainly used as an expensive treatment for bone therapy, doctors have discovered that PEMF can also boost cellular energy and promote overall health and wellness.

Thanks to the advancement of technology and research, PEMF is now accessible not just for patients with bone problems but also for individuals who are investing in health and fitness.

What is PEMF?

PEMF, or Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy, is a technology used to heal injured tissue through the use of pulsed energy waves. The waves are allowed to pass through the cell membranes to improve metabolism, boost cell energy, stimulate ion and electrolytes movement, and improve the flow of red blood cells into the capillaries.

All of these activities help promote healing of the damaged cells and tissues.

The human body is a fantastic machine designed with the capability to heal and defend itself against diseases and stress. Our body is made of different organs, and organs are made of tissues. These tissues are made of trillions of cells. These cells are responsible for transporting all the nutrients needed for our health and survival. These same cells are also responsible for protection and healing. Thus, to be perfectly healthy and fit, we need to take good care of our cells.

Due to our continuous exposure to stress, aging, pollution, and even poor nutrition, our cells become tired and worn. These conditions lessen your cell’s ability to fight off diseases and create longer recovery times from injuries.

Weak cells are where PEMF comes to the rescue.

Pulsed waves act like battery chargers to charge your cells and help them perform their functions better. Healthy cells, in return, promote good health and faster recovery from diseases and other physical trauma our body is exposed to daily.

CM2 Pulse Band

CM2 Pulse Band

The CM2 Pulse Band is a wearable PEMF machine you can use wherever you are. The device is intentionally designed to be worn on the wrist so that red blood cells can be continuously recharged with CM2 cell boost technology. The energy provided by the device helps to modify the energy levels of your cell membranes which promote cell separation.

Ideally, cells should be nicely separated or be slightly overlapped. However, cells that are stacked together are not desirable as this is often a result of infection, cancer, inflammations, and many other conditions as mentioned earlier. Cells that are “stacked” also decrease their ability to transport nutrients, promote healing, and perform other vital functions.

Using the CM2 pulse band, pulsed waves from the PEMF machine are being applied to the red blood cells passing through the capillaries of your wrist. The pulses modify the potential of the cells by stimulating the ions and electrolytes. The result is a balanced charge of the cellular membranes that causes them to repel each other. Again, cells that are nicely separated are desirable as this could improve cellular metabolism, proper blood circulation, and better health.

What Are the Health Benefits?

Through the years, medical studies have proven the positive health benefits of PEMF therapy. The following effects were demonstrated after using the technology:

• Improved blood circulation
• Decreased inflammation
• Improved ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production
• Bone healing
• Improved muscle function and recovery

Today, PEMF is not only intended for treatment but also can be used for those who want to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle. The CM2 pulse band is a wearable PEMF machine you can use to supplement your nutrition and exercise. Also, most importantly, it can help you prevent diseases by empowering your most important line of defense – your cells.

Athletes can also take advantage of this technology since the product promotes faster muscle recovery and decreased inflammations. PEMF has many benefits to offer due to its capability to optimize cellular functions.

Thousands of peer-reviewed studies have been published that support the beneficial effects of PEMF on various diseases. Medical studies have shown it’s positive effect in treating several diseases such as diabetic ulcers, arthritis, bone injuries, skin wounds, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, Charcot foot, and many others. There’s no doubt that PEMF has become instrumental in promoting cellular health and recovery.


The human body is made of trillions of cells which have the vital function for nutrition, repair, and defense. PEMF can empower your cells to perform its functions at the optimum level. CM2 pulse band is a PEMF machine you can wear and take with you anytime and anywhere. It’s a compact and wearable technology that takes good care of your health at the cellular level. Moreover, by taking good care of your health, you are not only investing for yourself but also for your loved ones.

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