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Our Favorite PEMF Devices for Fitness Fanatics

Our Favorite PEMF Devices for Fitness Fanatics

pemf devices

Proper nutrition and recovery are both essential on any workout routine, whether you’re an athlete or a fitness fanatic. Pre-workout and post-workout plans have a huge impact on your sports performance and fitness gains. The good news is that aside from the right supplementation on your fitness routine, you can also benefit from PEMF therapy using PEMF devices to speed up recovery and enable you to train more effectively.

For athletes, having a competitive edge over their opponents is very important. Using PEMF therapy will help increase oxygenation in the blood and provide energy to the cells to boost performance.

Professional athletes worldwide are now considering PEMF devices for performance enhancement such as improved stamina, faster recovery, reduced inflammation and injury, and improved hand-eye-motor coordination.

With PEMF devices, you can easily benefit from the therapy whenever and wherever you are.

Recovery – Why Is It Important?

Recovery after a strenuous workout is important for muscle building and tissue repair. If you are incorporating heavy weight training into your fitness routine, you will need rest to allow your muscles to repair and rebuild.

On average, muscles need between 24 to 48 hours of recovery. Working your muscles too soon will not lead to gains but rather will lead to tissue breakdown and injury.

Athletes follow a strict routine to enhance their recovery and performance.

You too can follow the recommendations of experts to speed up your recovery, whether you’re an athlete or someone who just loves being fit.

These recommendations include:

  • Drinking plenty of fluids
  • Eating foods that enhance recovery
  • Giving your body a sufficient amount of rest
  • Stretching after a tough workout
  • Incorporating active recovery during rest
  • Improving circulation through a massage
  • Taking an ice bath
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Avoiding excessive exercise

For best results, you can also include supplements and therapy that enhances the recovery and rebuilding of muscles. PEMF, also known as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, is a great supplementation to enhance the healing of injured muscles, provide more energy for workouts, and stimulate muscle gains.

The Key Benefits of PEMF

In a nutshell, PEMF uses low electromagnetic frequencies to heal injured tissues and bones, relieve pain from injuries, and promote proper functions of the cells and organs. The idea is that these energy pulses penetrate through the cells, especially at the injury site, and stimulate the cells’ metabolism.

The cells are gifted with capabilities to heal on their own and protect themselves from free radicals. PEMF works by charging your cells directly to activate its innate functions, in a sense, like plugging them in to recharge.

The pulses at low frequencies from PEMF devices are allowed to pass through the skin and penetrate deep into your tissues and bones to encourage the cell’s natural repair mechanism and boost its energy. This is why PEMF is considered a non-invasive method to heal injuries and chronic pain. Aside from being used as a supplemental therapy for athletes, people who experience various medical problems like diabetes can benefit the effects of PEMF.

In general, a lot of medical studies have already proven the positive effects of PEMF such as the following:

  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Treatment of skin wound, diabetic ulcers, Plantar Fasciitis, Charcot foot, and arthritis
  • Relieving pain from injuries
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Neuropathy care
  • Bone strengthening
  • Treatment of osteoporosis and fibromyalgia
  • Improved circulation
  • Enhanced immune system

In essence, PEMF promotes healthy cells which results in tremendous health benefits and healing effects.

CM2 Band

The CM2 Band from Nimbus Performance is a PEMF device designed to be worn on your wrist. The device penetrates through to the red blood cells in the ulnar and radial artery to excite ions and electrolytes. These effects change the zeta potential of a cell, causing it to balance its membrane charge.

PEMF Machine

This will cause “like cells” to repel each other, thus preventing cells from overlapping each other. In essence, cells that are separated evenly are desirable to properly perform their innate functions such as delivering oxygen and nutrients, removal of waste, and fluid distribution to the tissues.

blood before 1

Microscope image of red blood cells with no PEMF treatment.  Visibily showing the rouleaux formation of stacked cells.

Red blood cell separation after CM2 PEMF treatment.  Cells are free flowing and energized.

Medical experts revealed that healthy red blood cells should be nicely separated or slightly touching each other. This is why boosting and energizing cells using the PEMF device can assist the body’s natural abilities to promote health and healing. Frequent usage of the CM2 Band also prevents rouleaux formation, a condition where cells become stacked together, the root cause of most health problems.

CM2 Web

Another PEMF device that perfectly works as a localized treatment for pain and injury is the CM2 Web. This product is designed to address cellular metabolism to assist your body’s natural healing abilities such as repairing damaged tissues, relieving pain, and restoring the cell’s energetic balance.

PEMF mat

The magnetic fields produced by this product cause therapeutic effects and are of the same levels that are naturally produced by the human body.
For better results, it is highly recommended to use the CM2 Web twice daily for 30 minutes to relieve chronic pain and muscle sores. You can use the PEMF device in the morning and in the evening to manage pain on the specific part of your body.

Portable PEMF Devices – Why It’s Worth It

PEMF therapy can be availed by going to a health professional or getting a PEMF device you can use at home. The CM2 Band and CM2 Web are both great products to supplement your active lifestyle.

PEMF devices are not considered as regulated medical devices so you don’t need a healthcare professional to avail the products. Because of their portability, you can simply take the devices with you during your workout routine, wear them during practice, or use them while you’re on vacation.

Investing in a PEMF device is worth it in exchange for treating sore muslces or an injury that’s been bugging you for a while, or helping you recover fast from your workout routine. Backed with scientific research and no side effects (unlike traditional medications), PEMF devices are definitely something you should try.

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