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How Often Should You Do PEMF Treatment? - Go PEMF

How Often Should You Do PEMF Treatment?

PEMF treatment

As soon as you have access to a PEMF device like the CM2 Web, you should apply it to the areas of your body that needs healing appropriately to achieve the maximum benefits of PEMF treatment.

PEMF treatment may vary from one user to another. Some people use the device to treat particular ailments or pain while some just use it for health maintenance.

The most common question people ask when they receive the device is,

“How long should I do my PEMF treatment?”

This article will provide you with an explanation about PEMF therapy and how often you should use it to achieve optimum results.

How to Apply PEMF Treatment

Using a PEMF device constantly, like the Nimbus Performance CM2 Band, is recommended for people who are looking for a consistent overall cellular health benefit.

For wearable devices like the band, you can simply receive PEMF treatment by wearing it daily. For mats like the CM2 web, you can simply lie down and relax or do other things you usually do (such as reading books) while resting the mat on your lap.

The device is made with comfortable material so you are assured of a relaxing experience while receiving your PEMF treatment.

For people having obvious health issues, it is advised to use the PEMF therapy directly on the affected areas. For example, if you have pain in the knee you want to get rid of, you can put the device on your knee to concentrate the PEMF signal on the specific location.

How about in the case of sciatic pain? Sometimes, the body part where we experience pain doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the source of the problem. You could be experiencing pain in your leg even though the problem originates from your spinal nerves.

To get the most benefit of PEMF therapy, it is highly recommended to concentrate the PEMF signal to the painful area of your body first and slowly work your way up to the original source of the problem. You can do separate sessions to target a specific area and another session to apply PEMF treatment to the whole body.

If your goal is for fitness and health maintenance, it is ideal to apply the PEMF therapy throughout the body on a daily basis. PEMF mats are the perfect products to use for this application. Exposing your whole body to the PEMF signal can provide benefits to all areas and improve cellular activities.

How Long Should You Use PEMF Treatment?

PEMF treatment may vary, depending on what devices you are using. Generally, you should do PEMF treatment for 30 minutes per session, twice a day. Portable versions can be used continuously without any side effects.

If you are using high-intensity systems such as those used in the clinics, a PEMF therapy that lasts 5 minutes per session is sufficient to get results.

For people using a PEMF treatment at home to manage severe health issues, a longer therapy session will be more beneficial.

Although there are advised time intervals to do PEMF treatments, take note that pulsed energy waves cannot be overdosed, unlike pharmaceutical medicines which leave the body with some residual chemicals. PEMF signals simply pass through your tissues without any side effects.

You may also wonder until when you should be using PEMF treatment? The general rule of thumb for recovery of an injury is to use the therapy twice as long as it took for your body to recover.

For example, if it took you 4 weeks to get rid of a body pain, you should continue using it for another 4 weeks (8 weeks in total).

The reason behind this is that we want to make sure that the underlying cause of the pain is managed as well. Often times, the underlying health problem may not be completely healed yet even if you don’t experience the pain anymore.

On the other side, PEMF treatment has no overdosage and no side effects so it is completely safe to use continuously. If you own a PEMF device, we recommend you to use it indefinitely to maintain your health at the optimum level.

What to Expect After PEMF Treatment

The length of time it takes to experience the benefits of PEMF treatment may vary, depending on your application and the severity of the problem you are trying to heal.

Mild conditions may be managed quickly compared to serious illnesses which may take a longer time to heal.

For people using PEMF treatment for health maintenance, the immediate effect includes increased energy and better sleep. Continuous use of PEMF has provided users with an improved overall health condition such as normal blood pressure, normal sugar levels, decreased fatigue, better skin, and many others.

For most users, a warming sensation can be felt on the affected areas that need treatment. Mild conditions may respond faster to the therapy compared serious health issues which may take a longer time to respond.

Once you acquire your own PEMF device, make sure to read the manuals before using. Wearable devices and PEMF mats may have different functionalities but will definitely provide you the same PEMF treatment.

Take note that the effects of PEMF treatment may also depend on the current state of your health and your age. Make sure that you talk first to your doctor before doing PEMF treatment so that he can monitor the progress of your health.

To receive the optimum benefits of PEMF treatment, we recommend using the product frequently, 30 minutes per session, and preferably in the morning and at night.

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