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PEMF treatment

How Often Should You Do PEMF Treatment?

As soon as you have access to a PEMF device like the CM2 Web, you should apply it to the areas of your body that needs healing appropriately to achieve the maximum benefits of PEMF treatment. PEMF treatment may vary from one user to another. Some people use the device to treat particular ailments or…
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pemf devices

Our Favorite PEMF Devices for Fitness Fanatics

Proper nutrition and recovery are both essential on any workout routine, whether you’re an athlete or a fitness fanatic. Pre-workout and post-workout plans have a huge impact on your sports performance and fitness gains. The good news is that aside from the right supplementation on your fitness routine, you can also benefit from PEMF therapy using PEMF devices to speed up recovery and enable you to train more effectively.

PEMF mat

A Portable PEMF Mat You Can Take Anywhere

PEMF mats are often used not just in hospitals but also in chiropractor and homeopathic clinics. The good news is that you can have one of these products for home use. You can even carry it anywhere you want because it’s portable. You can take it with you in the office, while traveling for vacation, during camping, on the beach, and many other places where you feel like you want to relax with your mat.

PEMF Machine

The PEMF Machine That Fits on Your Wrist

If you are a doctor or a patient who has gone through bone fracture healing, you may have already heard about PEMF treatment. Although it’s mainly used as an expensive treatment for bone therapy, doctors have discovered that PEMF can also boost cellular energy and promote overall health and wellness.

Thanks to the advancement of technology and research, PEMF is now accessible not just for patients with bone problems but also for individuals who are investing in health and fitness.

pemf therapy

How PEMF Therapy Can Stop Your Pain

The CM2 Web produces a cloud of magnetic therapy using a safe frequency around the source of pain and is a great way to treat localized pain. A 30-minute treatment in the morning and another 30-minute treatment in the evening will help diminish the effects of chronic pain.

We also encourage everyone to consider using the CM2 band daily as an overall health boost for your red blood cells. The band will help stimulate your cells as they circulate throughout your body during the day which promotes overall cellular health.